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What Will 2019 Mean For The Future Of Smartphones?

Monday, January 14th, 2019

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The past few years have been full of innovations and surprising technology, especially when it comes to smartphones. From face recognition tech to enhanced viewing to using multiple cameras on one phone, there are many features to enjoy. Right now, there are many rumors about which phones will actually be released in 2019.

You may wonder if this year will offer anything new, but the future of smartphones is still changing rapidly. The following are a few of the the latest features and innovations you can expect from smartphones this year.

Moving from 4G to 5G

Although you may not be able to use 5G connections just yet, many big name companies are announcing that this improvement is happening. Sony, Huawei, and others have confirmed that they will be releasing this technology in 2019. Once smartphones and the cell infrastructure are ready for 5G, you will experience faster upload and download speeds, as well as an increased network capacity.

A shrinking notch

The notch, or small section at the top of your phone that may have a speaker and camera lens, has been getting smaller. Although many phones need a notch for these items, the bezel (or siding) of smartphones has also been decreasing. This has meant either increasing notch size or moving things to the back of the smartphone, like the fingerprint sensor.

For 2019, notches should get smaller to provide more room for the screen. The OnePlus 6T, for example, is a previous phone that has already reduced the size of this area drastically, leaving only a small selfie camera. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have already accomplished a smaller notch as well.

Foldable phones

In late 2018, Samsung debuted its foldable phone prototype during the 2018 Samsung Developer Conference. The demo showed a smartphone that could be folded out into a tablet-like device using what it has called Infinity Flex Display. It also said that the device will capable of running multiple apps at one time on the tablet-sized display. The company did not say, however, when smartphones like these would be available to the public. Huawei is also developing folding phone technology.

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