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The Top 4 Camera Accessories For Your Smartphone

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

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When it comes to the world of technology, things change quickly, including smartphone accessories. There was a time when no one paid much attention to the camera features built into smartphones. Some people thought that this technology should be for making calls and gaining access to information alone. Today, accessories like spotlights, viewfinders, lenses, and tripods help take a satisfactory smartphone camera to the next level.

A camera spotlight that fits in your pocket

One of the most unflattering light sources is the pop-up flash on a DSLR camera. Even worse than the blinding light from these cameras is the flash on a smartphone. Phone spotlights are accessories designed to solve that problem. You can either hold them in your hand or plug them into the headphone jack on your iPhone. These devices can charge via USB and will hold their charge for hours. Smartphone spotlights can be used for still photos, videos, and even as flashlights.

A viewfinder for your smartphone camera

On sunny days, it can be irritating to look at your smartphone screen and get an eyeful of glare. This prevents you from seeing the details in your frame when taking a picture or video. A smartphone viewfinder tool is handy for cutting the glare and the time you spend accounting for trial and error.

Lenses for your smartphone camera

There are many lenses available for your smartphone camera that provide a variety of functions. One option, known as the “4 in 1” Olloclip Lens, offers wide angle, fish eye, 10x macro, and 15x macro capabilities. Other lenses specialize in just one function. You get a doubled field of view with wide angle lenses and fisheye lenses give you about a 180 degree field-of-view. Macro lenses not only help focus in on objects, but they can also help maximize lighting.

Tripods to help stabilize your phone

It is easier to eliminate the possibility of poor photography due to blurry images if you use a simple tripod. You can purchase a special tripod designed for use with an iPhone or use a general smartphone tripod. If you own an iPhone, you must buy an adapter that fits on any tripod. This tool allows you to take your time with settings and eliminates the worry of shaking in videos.

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