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The Top 9 Features For The S9 That You’ll Love!

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

galaxy s9 features

Samsung is known for producing high-quality smartphones. This year, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus boast favorite features of the S8 model, as well as many requested newer updates. If you are in the market for a new Samsung, take a look at the amazing features built into the latest Galaxy models.

The design

Some people think that the Galaxy S9 and S9 plus are two of the best phones launched recently in regards to appearance. Both smartphones have the signature Samsung curved glass panels on the back and front. An aluminum frame separates the two. This design makes them feel comfortable to hold because they curve right into your palm.

The latest models of the Galaxy have the fingerprint sensor on the back, are smaller than previous models, and weigh more than the S8 versions. Because they are “all-glass” smartphones, be prepared to leave fingerprints. They are also fragile, including the screen, so finding cases and screen protectors will be important. However, they are water and dust resistant.

Dual camera inclusion

The S9 plus has, for the first time on any Galaxy S model, dual cameras. One is a wide angle regular super speed dual pixel, dual aperture 12MP camera. The other lens is telephoto 12MP and has an f/2.4 aperture. Both of these lenses have optical image stabilization and have a live focus mode depth of field allowance.

Multi-frame image processing

The flagship Galaxy S9 family uses multiple photos for reducing overall noise when it comes to post processing. The S9 can capture four times as many photos at four times the speed using DRAM on its camera sensor. Twelve images are captured in a second and sorted into groups of four. The software uses all details from each image to make one “best” image. The three remaining images are processed one final time to make an “over-all” best image.

Auto slo-mo video in 960fps

The camera sensors’ DRAM captures super slow motion video as well. What is amazing about the Galaxy S9 smartphone is that it has an automatic mode that perfectly times slow motion footage. You or the camera do not have to predict when to start recording. The S9 is able to identify the best time to record in super slow motion automatically.

Camera aperture

Low light situations have been an area where Samsung cameras struggle. To resolve this issue, the company included a mechanical iris which functions to physically switch between two separate apertures. The Samsung Galaxy S9 includes auto mode for it to pick the aperture for you, but allows you to play with the apertures in professional mode as well.

Custom Emojis

Inspired by the Animoji feature on the Apple iPhone X, the Galaxy S9 has a new AR Emoji feature. You can create a 3D face scan, then customize skin tone, hair, accessories, and clothes for fun. After you have created your Emoji, you can record photos or videos with it. When you save the Emoji, 18 different GIFs are automatically created in the gallery and on your phone’s keyboard.

Enhanced processor speed

For mobile data, the Galaxy S9 is one of the fastest smartphones because of its Qualcomm processor with LTE Cat 18 support. This phone will download at speeds up to 1.2 Gbps on a supported mobile network.

Speakers in stereo

Audio issues have caused past Samsung smartphones to struggle. However, Samsung bought Harman Kardon last year, so the company hopes to have overcome them. The Galaxy S9 has a bottom firing speaker and a second speaker that is front facing.

Samsung claims that these speakers offer premium and amazing audio. They are a part of a partnership with Dolby to add Atmos codec to S9 models. The phones now offers spacial audio, which results in a more immersive listening experience.

Biometric security

Intelligent Scan, or iris scanning, is a security feature included on the Galaxy S9 primarily for applications like Samsung pay or banking apps. Face Unlock is another security feature on the S9 designed for daily use. It is fast and convenient for unlocking the phone and using with your favorite apps.

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