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Simple Ways To Get More Storage Space On Your iPhone

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

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As is typical for smartphones, you can’t actually fill the amount of data that comes on your phone. This is because cell phones come with many apps and functions before you begin snapping pictures, downloading apps and music, and taking videos. However, there are many ways for you to gain more space on your iPhone. The following can help you find what is taking up space on your phone and how to get more storage for your needs.

Internal download with apps

Under your Manage Storage tab, you can see how much space an app takes up on your iPhone, as well as the data inside of it. While you may think an app is small, it can still store a lot of files. One app, for example, is Spotify, which in itself only uses slightly more than 55 MB. If you use this app to download your favorite music, you will actually use an incredible amount of storage space.

All of the apps on your iPhone will display the amount of space they are using when you tap on them. Watching these numbers and choosing apps appropriately will help you monitor the amount of space you are using over time.

Get rid of unneeded videos and podcasts

Make sure any videos and podcasts you have saved are ones you’ll want to view again. Deleting the ones you only intended to look at once can free up a lot of space on your iPhone immediately. Podcasts take up about 25 MB of space on your smartphone, so deleting those you’re finished with will save a ton of space.

Your iPhone Podcast app sorts your selections according to how you’ve played them. The podcasts on the bottom are least listened to while those at the top are considered your favorites. You can remove the least used ones by swiping them away. Your videos take up even more space than podcasts and can also be deleted by swiping them to the left.

Use cloud storage

You can save a lot of space on your iPhone by using Cloud storage for your photos. Choosing the Cloud for storage allows for an automatic save of your library with no fee. If you use the Google+ app, you will have access to unlimited storage for both videos and photos.

Take HDR pictures

Have you ever noticed your iPhone saving two copies of an identical image? The reason for this is that it creates a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image and a normal one if you have left the Auto selection on. If you want to keep only images saved in HDR format, go to your settings under Photo & Camera and at the bottom, deselect Keep Normal Photo.

Deleting data from the other section on iTunes

The storage area for iTunes on your iPhone contains your web-browsing data, music, and email. If this data becomes corrupted, it will use up more space than you want. Clearing this storage area simply requires you to backup your data and restore your iPhone with iTunes. Save a backup of your data to your computer with the Back Up Now selection and then select Restore iPhone, followed by Restore Backup.

Find out what is using too much space

Check your phone often to discover what is using up the most space. Open your Settings app and go to General, then Usage to Manage Storage to find out how much space you have used and what is left. Your apps will be listed according to how much space they are using so you can decide which are essential and which are unneeded. After you have located the apps that use too much storage, delete them to see how much space you have for new apps.

Delete unused games

Some gaming apps take up more than 1GB of storage space on your iPhone. The ones that use 3D graphics take up the most. Look over the list of games installed on your iPhone, and if you have any you no longer play, uninstall them. This is one of the quickest and easiest way to free up space on your iPhone.

Automatically delete messages

You can now set your iPhone to delete older messages automatically. If you are never goes back to look at older messages, this will help you save storage space on your phone without having to do anything. Go to Settings, then to Messages to access the messages menu. Under Keep Messages, select the length of time you want text messages to stay available.

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