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The Most Secure Smartphones of 2017: What You Should Know

Monday, August 21st, 2017

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If you stop to think about it, you will realize how much using smartphones has become a part of everyday life. Security and privacy have become big issues over the last few years as smartphone use has increased. Rule 41 is a set of laws passed by congress that have to do with surveillance on a massive scale. These types of laws can make you question how safe your communications and online information really are, even from the government.

When you think of smartphone security, you should ask yourself a few questions first. Will you use a SIM card? Are you aware of and will you be using accounts and other online services that collect information? Is your smartphone usage going to be focused on security? Thinking about these factors before buying a new smartphone can help protect you from online security threats.

Current online security threats

In 2017, almost all data is stored online. Financial information, personal information, and even online payments are stored in cyberspace. Phishing, scammers, malware, and ransom ware are all threats that you must be aware of. Some malware can steal your financial information, and others can even turn on the microphone on your phone. Some people who own Android smartphones have seen ransom ware threats, and experts think that iOS and other device users might be in danger too. The following are a few different options you can choose from if you want to focus on security features.

Silent Circle: Blackphone 2

The Blackphone 2 has won many awards recently, including one for multiple operating systems and another for its multiple layers of security. This is a business smartphone that has the ability to control what kind of information you share with apps by opening them in a secure environment. It also gives the user the ability to separate work and personal phones all on one device.

Sirin Labs: Solarin

The Solarin is an expensive smartphone that provides real time security to users. A company called Zimperium is in charge of monitoring your phone and protecting against attacks on its host and networks, or those done by physical access. Another feature provided by this smartphone is a two password encrypted service for email.

Nexus devices

The operating system called Copperhead OS, which is only available on Nexus devices, is completely focused on security. This phone features a military grade encryption algorithm and an app launching security feature. This operating system is affordable, but it will take knowledge and skill with smartphones to implement it.

Google: Pixel phone

When you have a device that is well known and popular, it is even more attractive to criminals and hackers. This gives the manufacturer of the device an incentive to make their smartphones more secure. Google has created a file based encryption system on their OS called Nougat 7.1 to help increase security and safety. Another feature is verified booting security that will not allow corrupted smartphones to boot up at all.

Apple: iPhone 7

Independent experts and security firms have spent time trying to hack iPhones to test their security levels. Any issues that are thrown at Apple concerning system security in its devices or rumors of hacking are addressed immediately. Apple’s smartphones have the usual security features, but include the option to use fingerprint scanning to unlock your device. They include many encryption tools and have offered jobs to the top crackers and hackers of the iPhone to increase the security of their phones.

Find the the right smartphone for your security needs

There is no guarantee that you will have complete safety online with your smartphone. You can take precautions against thieves and cyber criminals by purchasing the right device for your security needs.

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