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Which Phone Specs Should I Know About?

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

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There are so many cell phones on the market today that it may be difficult to decide which type is right for you. People often argue that a phone’s specifications should be the deciding factor. Is the phone 4G or 3G? Should you go with single-core or dual-core processor? You could spend hours debating a cell phone’s specifications, but today’s phones are mostly used as big screens for gaming and video streaming.

It makes sense to focus on how good your applications, pictures, and videos will look on the cell phone of your choice. Here is a quick guide to help you measure which phone specs are important when it comes time to choose your new cell phone.

Specs you don’t have to care about

Some phones boast about noise-reduction technology. This technology supposedly blocks background noise while you are on a call. However, tests have shown that this technology can actually add a strange muffling effect to your contact’s voice. Noise-reduction may not be worth discussing when you decide to purchase a new phone.

Another specification that does not usually matter is the inclusion or exclusion of an HDMI port. Unless you store a library of HD movies on your cell phone, you may not care whether the phone you are looking at has an HDMI port. To use the port, you would have to have an HDMI cable and and HDTV. This is a nice addition solely for those with many full-length movies on their device.

Specs you may want to pay attention to

If you live in an area that does not have 4G coverage, you don’t need to purchase a 4G phone just yet. If your area does have coverage, purchasing a 4G phone is useful. 4G is great for streaming movies or music, surfing the internet, and quickly downloading applications.

Another spec that sometimes matters is the processor speed. Dual-core processors may sound great, but the average cell phone user does not really need them. If you are doing a lot of multitasking or playing games, you may want to opt for a dual-core processor. If you are the average user, a 1GHz processor should be adequate for your needs.

Specs that are important

The size of your display and the screen’s resolution are important specifications. Will the screen be big enough for you to take advantage of the phone’s features? If you browse the web or edit documents, a screen that is less than 2.7 inches diagonally will be very cramped. You should also consider the screen’s resolution. A high resolution will make your video and photos appear sharper. Another factor is the type of screen technology the device uses. AMOLED displays are a great option if you operate your device in sunlight. qHD displays are generally preferred for quality video playback and games.

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