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Keep Your Smartphone Secure With These 8 Tips!

Friday, September 15th, 2017

iPhone user

If you own a smartphone, you should take the issue of security seriously. Although keeping your phone secure may sound complicated, it is easy to learn a few simple methods to help keep criminals from accessing your information. The following eight tips can help keep your smartphone secure, including properly protecting your phone, locking your device, and backing up your data and software.

1. Protect your smartphone when you buy it

Most people want to protect their purchases, especially if they are expensive. If you damage or lose your smartphone, it is going to stress you out. Every day, about 200,000 devices are damaged, lost, or stolen. You will most likely be shocked at the price to replace your missing or broken phone if you do not have a contract. However, most smartphone providers give you the option to purchase additional insurance or protection plans. These options can help when you find that your phone has disappeared or has been damaged. Be sure to ask about these options when you buy your smartphone to have protection available as soon as possible.

2. Lock your smartphone with a password, pattern, or pin

If you are an iOS (Apple) user, you can find the information about how to lock your device in the General options and settings. Android users should go to their Location & Security Settings for more information and instructions on setting up a password, pattern, or pin. Taking these security measures can protect your information if someone is physically trying to get into your phone.

3. Only use trusted stores to download apps

Make sure to read the privacy policy of any app you want to download. This information should tell you which features of your smartphone the app will access. Looking at app reviews is a good idea as well. Two trusted stores are the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. It is easy for hackers to access your phone through apps that are not secure, so be careful when choosing them.

4. Regularly back up your data

If something happens to your phone, it can be helpful to have a backup of the contacts and information stored on your device. Smartphone companies often provide a cloud storage option when you sign up for service with them. They may also offer or recommend an app for backing up your data that is secure.

5. Update your apps and operating system

If you have not automatically set up your smartphone to update downloaded apps or your operating system, set a time each week to check for updates. This habit will help your phone work optimally. Sometimes major operating system updates can take some time, so be sure to set aside enough time to safely update your phone.

6. Log out of unused apps

Many people use apps or websites to shop, or a mobile banking app. You can protect yourself and your information by logging out of these apps after you are finished using them. You should not store your username or your passwords on your smartphone. If you are on public WiFi, avoid doing any financial transactions.

7. Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi when not in use

Bluetooth and WIFi are on your phone to help you connect to the internet and provide access to a variety of services and apps. However, thieves and hackers can use these features to gain access your smartphone and get into your files. When you are not using Bluetooth or WiFi, disconnect from them to protect your information.

8. Do not give out your personal information

If you get a text or email that looks like it is from your financial institution, be careful. Do not text back any secure information such as account numbers or passwords. Contact businesses directly to verify the information that your text or email is claiming they need. Also, be careful when tapping links in unsolicited texts or emails, as these can give hackers access to your information.

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