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Keep Your Android Smartphone Secure With These 9 Tips

Friday, November 10th, 2017

Smartphones have become a constant part of daily life. Almost everyone carries their phone wherever they go and use it numerous times throughout the day. You may use your Android smartphone to send emails, order items and food, purchase items, and even send your monthly payments. By performing these activities, you will have a lot of personal information stored, like passwords and financial records. There are safety features built into your phone to protect your confidential information, but there are also hackers who know how to get around them. The following are nine ways for you to protect your Android smartphone from security breaches.

Lock individual apps

Lock all of your apps with separate passwords to ensure maximum security. The apps you use for online shopping and your mobile wallet are especially vulnerable to hackers. Check your Android for a built-in app locking function or search the Google Play Store for security apps to lock individual applications. These locking functions, along with personal passwords, will help keep your information safe from hackers.

App data access

If you download an app from the Google Play Store, you need to know what data it will have access to from your files. Read all the information about the app, as it will disclose this information. Look for the app seeking access to parts of your smartphone that are not necessary, like a payment app gaining access to your camera.

The Google Play Store is one source you can trust to download apps. Make sure all sources you use are trusted by checking ratings and reviews before you download anything.

Get an antivirus app

You store a lot of valuable information on your phone, and you want to protect it from hackers. Install an antivirus app as another level of protection on your Android smartphone. Be sure to take the steps above when downloading this app.

Use Google Authenticator

Google has an app called Google Authenticator that can add an extra layer of protection to your security. This app makes it possible to obtain time-bound authentication codes for logging into accounts where you have two-factor authentication enabled. This app will work offline and even on non-Google services.

Stay away from public Wi-Fi

Avoid using public Wi-Fi services as much as possible. There is no guarantee they are 100% safe, so make sure your smartphone is not set to connect when in their proximity automatically. It is best to keep your Wi-Fi switched off when you are not using it.

Do not root your Android smartphone

Rooting your smartphone does come with some benefits, like enhanced customization, but it will also make your phone vulnerable. When you root your smartphone, you make it susceptible to malware and other forms of attack.

Use a PIN on your lock screen

To protect your Android smartphone, you should always set a password on it for obtaining access. This password adds a level of security to your phone and can even be configured with a pattern versus a password to make it more difficult to hack. If you have taken this step, you can protect your Android smartphone if it is lost or stolen.

Use the Android Device Manager

One of the most useful apps you can download to your phone is the Android Device Manager. If you should ever lose your phone, this app will help track it down. Should someone steal your smartphone, you will definitely want to have this app to get your phone back. This app even allows you to reset factory settings remotely.

Properly configure Bluetooth settings

In your Bluetooth settings, check to make sure your smartphone is set to “non-discoverable.” If a hacker can see your phone is visible, it makes it much more vulnerable to attack. If you are not using your Bluetooth, you should turn it off.

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