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iPhone X: 3 Things You Should Know About Face ID

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

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New smartphone models often come with exciting innovations, and Apple is a manufacturer that sets the bar when it comes to new technologies. The iPhone X introduces the innovation of unlocking your phone through Face ID. The fingerprint scanner has been removed, and the camera now features an array in its place that can capture a map of your face. According to Apple, this new security feature is 20 times less likely to be hacked as the fingerprint scanner. This new technology has a few “bugs” that are being fixed. However, experts think it could bring consumers forward into a new age of technology based on biometrics. If you are interested in interacting with Face ID, the iPhone X is the only smartphone currently in use with this technology. The following answers three questions you may have about this new technology.

How do you set up Face ID on your iPhone X?

You can set Face ID up by first going to the settings on your phone. You may have to enter a passcode to get into the Face ID screen. Next, you should be directed to move your head in a complete circle within the frame on the screen. Face ID will direct you a second time to do the same thing to complete the setup process. If you would like to use this security feature to protect apps, go to Settings and then Face ID & Passcode to create a list.

How secure is Face ID?

Apple says that the chances of someone other than you being able to unlock your phone with Face ID is 1:1,000,000. The odds for Touch ID to be hacked are 1:50,000. Face ID does not store an image to unlock your phone. Instead, it makes a map of your face using “data points” with a new front-facing array called the True Depth camera system. Your phone unlocks when the phone scans your face and the data points match up with the stored map.

Biometric technology is not perfect, but Apple has made claims that it programmed Face ID to not be tricked by a photo or 3D model of a face. If this claim holds true, Apple may have eliminated one of the biggest fears held by opponents of biometric security.

How exactly does this technology work?

The True Depth camera system has an improved camera that uses a dot map projected onto your face. The dot map uses infrared light to capture an image. This dot map is then sent to the “Secure Enclave” on the phone’s A11 chip. It checks the map it receives against existing records. Face ID can be used in place of security measures that used to work with Touch ID. Verifying your identity with Apple Pay other apps would be examples of how this technology keeps your identity safe.

Face ID technology affects customers of the iPhone X, and anyone who is involved in managing iOS devices in an IT setting. Tech professionals should know how to set up Face ID and teach customers about its limitations and abilities. Plenty of people have either purchased an iPhone X or are planning to, and they will need help with setup and usage.

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