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Is iPhone Or Android The Better Smartphone?

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

iPhone user

When it comes time to choose a smartphone, there is one question it inevitably comes down to: Android or iPhone? Everyone you ask will likely have a different answer, usually based on personal preference. Both smartphones offer similar features, and to the average customer, they may seem relatively the same aside from brand and price. There are, however, several key differences. The following are some of the differences that can help you make your decision between Android or iPhone.


The first obvious difference between Android and iPhone is the hardware. Since iPhones are made exclusively by Apple, the company has tight control over how their hardware works with their software. Google, on the other hand, offers its Android software to multiple smartphone manufacturers. Because of this, Android phones have significantly more options in size, weight, price, and overall quality. The higher the price, like all technology, the more reliability and quality you will have. Cheaper Android phones could overheat, freeze up, or break more easily.

iPhone has had their fair share of hardware issues, but they tend to be higher quality overall. When it comes to choosing an iPhone, you only have to pick your model. This takes the confusion of choosing both a brand and model out of the equation.

Operating System (OS) Compatibility

The clear winner in this category is certainly the iPhone. Android phone manufacturers tend to be very slow when it comes to updating their products. Eventually, older smartphones will no longer support the latest OS updates, but Apple’s support for older phones usually beats Android. iOS 10, for example, was released in July of 2016 and is still supported by the iPhone 5, which was released in 2012. Generally, new versions of iOS are installed on an average of 50% of their compatible devices within the first week of their release. Android’s operating system, known as Nougat, was only running on 7% of compatible devices almost a year after its release.


While key applications almost always debut on iOS first, they usually make it to Android shortly after. Apple actually offers fewer apps than Google Play, as they are stricter about what they will allow. You also have more free applications to choose from on Android. The downside for Android is that with so many smartphone models, the apps don’t always work the same way from one phone to another. Multiple devices and OS versions to support means that developing for Android is more expensive, so not all of the best apps make it to Android.


Apple devices like the iPhone and iPod touch are really the dominant players in the mobile gaming market. Their platform is growing so rapidly that some believe Apple may eclipse giants in the industry like Nintendo and Sony in mobile gaming. Since there is the expectation that most apps for Android should be free, many of the top game developers are focusing on the iPhone. Android does have its share of popular games, but if gaming is a priority for you, it would be best to go with the iPhone.

Integration with other devices

In addition to smartphones, many people also use a computer, tablet, or wearable accessories like watches. Until now, Android has primarily been used in smartphones, but Google is beginning to branch out to offer features that are comparable to the iPhone. The problem you might run into here is in the multiple devices that support Android. Since they already make computers, tablets, and watches, Apple products tend to integrate easier and more consistently. If you want that same ease of integration in Android, you need to find accessories that are made by the same companies.


Eventually, even the best smartphones break, so how you get support matters. With stores across the country, if your iPhone breaks, you have an array of locations to visit for repairs. If an Android phone breaks, you have to decide whether to go to the phone company, the manufacturer, or the retail store you bought it from.

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