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How Smartphones And Tablets Can Benefit Your Business

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

benefits of smartphones for your business

Small businesses see new technologies everyday. More than 80 percent of small business owners use mobile devices for daily operations. If your business has not started using this technology, it is likely long past due. If you’re already using smartphones and tablets to increase your productivity, there could be some other benefits you’re missing out on.

Some businesses use their devices for appointment scheduling and customer communication. Almost one third of users create to-do lists or use their smartphone or tablet to make notes, manage social media, and handle finances. Here are four ways that using smartphones and tablets can benefit your company.

You can access your information anywhere

Employees do not have to call in for product and service information anymore thanks to smartphones and tablets. Through the cloud, they can access company data to communicate with customers from anywhere. This eliminates the need to carry around clipboards, bags, and folders and increases your employee’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Tech can increase employee accountability

Almost 90 percent of employees have admitted to that they waste time at work every day. A few minutes here and there each day may not seem significant. But, the time wasted can add up and this loss can affect productivity.

Integrating technology like smartphones and tablets can allow you to track what your employees are doing. You can see where they are and how they use their time. You can also see employee reports, and the locations, dates, and times of service or sales calls. A variety of apps are available to you for creating daily productivity reports. This allows management to quickly see the productivity of their employees.

Appraisals and payments can be simplified

Business owners that keep track of inventory and damage to products, or maintain and inspect their equipment can watch these points with smartphones and tablets. With the click of a button, you can capture a photo and send it to the proper department for cataloging. This technology also creates faster turnaround times. It reduces the chances that you will lose a sale if there are waiting periods for proposals as well.

Apps and payment systems now let you take payments on-site, online, or on an app from a debit or credit card. A swipe and a click will record the transaction and send it to the proper departments. This information cannot typically become lost or misplaced. Once a payment is received, the information is recorded in the cloud.

Going paperless can keep your information more secure

Large stacks of paper in your business represent efficiency, safety, and productivity issues. By integrating smartphones and tablets into your business, you can almost remove the need for paper. Cloud storage and access is available to store data, reports, receipts, and inventory information. Your clients and customers can access the important information that they need as well. This includes receipts, emails, and transactions.

Looking for smartphones or tablets for your business?

If you are hesitant to introduce tech into your business operations, think about the benefits you will see. The wave of the future is in these devices and if you fail to embrace their potential, you may end up behind your competitors. Employees are likely to enjoy using smartphones and tablets because it will help with their overall productivity.

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