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Differences Between The iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, And iPhone 6

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

iPhone user

There are many great options to consider when upgrading your smartphone. It may be appealing to select a year old model to take advantage of lower prices, and this is particularly true of iPhones. If you are an iPhone user or interested in purchasing your first iPhone, you may not know the differences between the iPhone 7, the iPhone 6S, and the iPhone 6. All three have the same core design that was introduced by Apple in 2014 with the iPhone 6. Externally, little has changed. However, each model has a few important differences to consider. Size and design, performance, cameras, and storage all vary slightly.

Size and design differences

The iPhone 6 (4.55 ounces) measures 5.44 by 2.64 by 0.27 inches and differs from the next model when comparing weight and width. The iPhone 6S (5.4 ounces) measures 5.44 by 2.64 by 0.28 inches. The iPhone 7 is heavier than both, but has the same measurements as the iPhone 6S. The iPhone 7 (4.87 ounces) measures 5.44 by 2.64 by 0.28 inches.

The iPhone 6 is made from a material that is prone to bending called 6000 aluminum. This issue was fixed with the iPhone 6S, which uses a stronger material known as 7000 aluminum. The iPhone 7 added to the strength of the 6S with water resistant technology. This phone can be submerged for 30 minutes at a depth of up to one meter. Another special feature on the iPhone 7 is the dual external stereo speakers. Apple says this feature is ideal for listening to podcasts and audiobooks. In a controversial move, the headphone jack was removed, which does not allow you to use a wired adapter and charge the phone at the same time.

Apple: breaking records in performance

Every year, Apple seems to go beyond its rivals in real world usage and performance benchmarks. The differences in speed among the three models are noticeable. The iPhone 6S CPU is 70% faster and GPU is 90% faster than the iPhone 6. The iPhone 7 has a CPU that is 40% faster and a GPU that is 50% faster than the iPhone 6S. Whatever your needs, there is an iPhone available for you.

Camera comparison

Some experts think that the Google Pixel and the Galaxy S7 cameras have overtaken Apple smartphones in performance and quality. However, the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 7 all have high-quality cameras. The iPhone 6 features a camera on the back that has an 8 megapixel sensor, focus pixels, f2.4 aperture, EIS, 4K video recording, and dual-LED flash. On the front of the phone there is a 1.2MP camera with 720p video recording and f2.4 aperture. The iPhone 6S features a back camera with a 12 megapixel sensor, focus pixels, f2.2 aperture, dual-LED flash, Software Image Stabilization, and 4K video recording. On the front part of the phone, there is a 5MP Front Camera with 720p video recording and f2.2 aperture. The iPhone 7 has a back camera with a 12 megapixel sensor, focus pixels, f/1.8 aperture, Optical Image Stabilization, and 4K video recording. This camera also features a quad-LED (dual tone) flash. On the front part of the iPhone 7 there is a 7MP sensor, 1080p recording, and f/2.2 aperture.

Storage and price

Choosing between iPhones will depend on what your budget is and what kind of storage you need for photos, music, and apps. The iPhone 6 is not available to purchase new. It was released with 16GB, 64GB, 128GB storage options. The iPhone 6S has 32GB and 128GB options, but there is no 256GB option available. Finally, the iPhone 7 has a 32GB option for the lowest storage point, a 128GB option at the mid level, and a 256GB for the largest storage option.

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