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What To Consider When Choosing Between A Tablet And A Laptop

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

what to look for in a new tablet

Tablets are extremely portable and come in a variety of sizes. Both of these traits have caused the device to grow in popularity over time. Many of the best tablets can do nearly everything a laptop can do, and they are more suitable for people on the go. You may wonder if a tablet is the best choice for someone used to a more traditional laptop. If you are trying to decide between the two, the following information may help.

Text input method

Tablets don’t typically come with a keyboard, but rely solely on touchscreen interfaces. The lack of a keyboard is fine if you are comfortable having to point, drag, or tap to navigate the device. If you are looking to use a device to input text into an email or document, you would probably prefer using a keyboard. Many people cannot type quickly or precisely using the screen’s keyboard on a tablet. You can purchase an external Bluetooth keyboard to use with your tablet, but may want a device that comes with a keyboard attached. If you prefer to avoid buying accessories, a laptop might be better for you.


Size is a major factor when it comes to choosing between a tablet and a laptop. Tablets are extremely light and portable, so they can easily fit inside a handbag or backpack. Laptops are generally larger and heavier. It is much easier to tote a tablet, even if you choose a larger variety, than it is a laptop.

Battery life

The battery life of a tablet usually lasts longer than that of a laptop. These devices are designed to be efficient due to the low power requirements of the hardware. Laptops must use more powerful hardware, which drains the battery much quicker. Many tablets can run ten hours or more of web usage before requiring a charge.

Making the switch

Some people that are accustomed to using a laptop may find it hard to switch to a tablet. However, it is important to remember the benefits of tablets if you do choose to switch. Tablets are portable and they can be used to do many of the things a laptop can do. Consider asking yourself some questions to help make your final decision. Do you use your device to type up documents or professional emails? Do you need powerful hardware or design software? Do you need a large screen to do work? If you answered no to any of these questions, a tablet may work for you.

Where to find the the best tablet for your needs

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