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Charging And Maximizing The Battery Life Of Your Smartphone

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

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The evolution of cell phones from making calls and receiving text messages to the all-in-one entertainment devices we use today happened over a few short years. All the things that you can do with a smartphone (web browsing, gaming, watching videos, and listening to music) work by drawing power from the battery. You may find that a charge does not last more than a day or even a few hours if you use these features often. If you charge your phone battery correctly, and adjust a few power-hungry settings on your device, you can get more life out of your smartphone’s battery.

Charge your phone repeatedly

Most smartphones contain a lithium-ion battery. These power sources are designed to operate best when they are kept at the power level of 50% or more. You can extend the life of these batteries if you keep them charged regularly. If you allow your battery to drain fully over and over, you reduce its capacity to maintain a charge and lower its life expectancy. An example of what happens if you do this is a need to charge the battery more frequently and the charge only lasting a few hours. Another tip is to not let the battery charge to 100% capacity. Remove the charger when the setting reads 80% or 90%. If you repeatedly leave the charger plugged in at 100%, you run the risk of lowering your battery life.

Adjusting phone settings to save power

Your smartphone is designed to get power from the battery the entire time it is on. However, there are some settings you can change on your device to reduce this power draw. Most smartphones have an automatic setting for brightness on the screen, based on what the lighting is like in your environment. If you have set the brightness to its highest setting, change it to auto to save some of your battery life.

Extra battery power is drawn from the vibration feature, so if you do not need it, disable it. If your phone has a power saving mode, you may want to use it as well. Be aware that some phones will slow down processor usage and disable data connection when your screen is off, GPS, syncing, and Bluetooth when you use this feature.

Notifications, apps that are running, and location services

Your smartphone may have a “notifications” feature designed to alert you to new messages and social media updates. Depending on how many apps use this setting on your phone, you could have a quick battery drain if you are receiving constant notifications. To save power, disable notifications for apps that you do not need updates from.

Unless you shut them down, some apps constantly run in the background. You might not even be aware that they are on all the time. Look on your phone at the usage menu to see the settings for all your apps and shut them down if they are not needed.

Another thing that can drain the battery in your smartphone are map applications. If the GPS or map app(s) on your smartphone have location services enabled, your device will constantly work to determine your position on the map. If you leave location services on for these features or any app that uses this setting, your battery will drain quickly.

Bluetooth and WiFi settings

If you have a wireless headset connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth technology, you might notice a significant drain on your battery. This technology feature allows you to connect to other devices, but should be turned off when you are not using it to save battery life. A WiFi enabled phone allows you to use the web when you are out at different locations. However, having the WiFi feature turned on is another big power user. To save battery life, turn WiFi on when you need it and then turn it off when you don’t.

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