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Use These 3 Easy Steps To Help Stop Mobile Malware

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

If you look at the information provided by security companies, you will see that malware is one of the greatest cyber security threats today. Security firms have taken over five million samples of programs and code that are malware. This may make you wonder if the apps your mobile devices use can be protected from carrying malware. Fortunately, the Apple and Google app stores are very secure and provide protection from malware. There are some things you can do as well to keep your smartphone and tablet safe from malware attack.

6 Signs Your Smartphone May Be Infected With A Virus

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018
smartphone security tips to protect your information

While malware and viruses can be a serious problem on desktops and laptop computers, your smartphone could also become infected. Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, can become infected with malware and viruses that can be used to hijack your personal data. These malicious programs can target your apps, email, and even your banking information.
Malware and viruses are dangerous for your devices and your security. The longer your smartphone is infected, the more time viruses have to steal your information. Being proactive is the best way of protecting yourself from mobile invasion. Here are six signs your device may be infected with a virus.

Keep Your Android Smartphone Secure With These 9 Tips

Friday, November 10th, 2017

Smartphones have become a constant part of daily life. Almost everyone carries their phone wherever they go and use it numerous times throughout the day. You may use your Android smartphone to send emails, order items and food, purchase items, and even send your monthly payments. By performing these activities, you will have a lot of personal information stored, like passwords and financial records. There are safety features built into your phone to protect your confidential information, but there are also hackers who know how to get around them. The following are nine ways for you to protect your Android smartphone from security breaches.