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Can Using Smartphones Benefit Your Mental Health?

Monday, November 19th, 2018

Many people think that smartphones and social media platforms pose a risk to mental health. Although this can be true in some cases, smartphones may actually benefit your mental health. Using smartphones increases well-being and may help with the treatment and understanding of mental health issues.

Why people think smartphone use is not beneficial

Your brain reacts to stimulation, and the finger movement involved with using your smartphone alters your brain’s activity. This change has led to questions about whether it is to blame for the increase of insomnia, depression, and attention deficit hyperactivity cases.

Smartphones are also blamed for reduced self-esteem, isolation, communication issues, and cyber-bullying. All of these struggles relate to mental health. But, these negative effects are not the only experiences associated with smartphone use. It is important to realize the benefits they provide for your mental health.

The benefits of smartphones on mental health

There are many benefits of using smartphones that may affect your brain and mental health in a good way. These devices are able to improve your quality of your life and promote emotional well-being. There are apps designed to address depression and phobias, as well as lift your mood and help you become or stay active.

Games for computers and smartphones have been created to provide therapy for young adults. Since these games are fun, they can be used as a tool for treatment without the patient thinking too much about therapy.

One researcher has developed an app that is able to lift a person’s mood and is aimed at helping people suffering from depression. This app gives users positive images, videos, and audio. This researcher has also created a game that helps patients to examine what it is that triggers their depression.

Smartphone apps give users the option of playing relaxing music that is distracts them from any worries they may be having. These music apps have proven beneficial in reducing both stress and anxiety in everyday life.

You can find professional therapy on your smartphone

Technology is often blamed for mental health issues, but this blame doesn’t acknowledge the benefits it provides. Using telemedicine technology, people can talk to mental health professionals through video calls, chats, and emails. Smartphones allow patients to quickly make contact with therapists and doctors when they are unable to make office visits.

Therapy apps have been discovered to be successful with young adults who struggle with face-to-face encounters. This form of treatment is proving to be useful for family therapy sessions as well.

Smartphones help those who struggle with social interaction

Social anxiety is a condition that prevents some people from seeking treatment for their mental health. If they can use telemedicine, it may give them the chance to work through their illness in the comfort of their home. They can also find information related to their condition to help them overcome the stigmas often attached with mental health.

Smartphones open up the possibility for some to self-educate themselves and get low-intensity mental health services. Through the use of chat rooms and blogs, you can find information on what mental health conditions are and how to combat them.

Another benefit of using smartphones is connecting to the outside world. These devices help those with social anxiety or other conditions to communicate with others and keep up on current events. Through the use of social media, you can share your day’s events and help to reduce the stress of certain situations. You can also find support groups that know what you are going through and can help you move forward.

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