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What You Can Expect From Smartphones In 2018

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

You may have noticed how smartphone technology has been constantly growing and changing over the past several years. Apple tries its best to be an innovator of top technology in its iPhones, but Qualcomm and ARM are companies are not far behind in their next generation designs. Many companies are starting to dabble in different security measures, increasing power, using full screens, and using more “AI” features. The following are some of the features you can expect to see in 2018’s smartphones.

Fingerprint scanning and other security measures will change

Apple has begun to eliminate the fingerprint scanner on their smartphones. Instead, they have introduced facial recognition on the iPhone X. There is no telling if they will have this feature on all future manufactured models, or if they will continue using the fingerprint scanner. Samsung has not had success with their placement of a fingerprint scanner under the screens on their phones. A few other companies are integrating this technology with better results.

Although Apple started the movement, LG is coming out with a smartphone model called the V30 with a type of facial recognition feature. The next generation of Android smartphones may include iris scanning, because Qualcomm added support for iris scanning to its next portion of silicon. Iris scanning technology is already installed on Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones, but may be introduced into other lines as the technology grows.

Mid-range smartphones may have more power

ARM is a chip designer based in the UK that has changed how chip makers can pair lightweight and heavyweight CPU cores. Many budget-friendly phones just have the lightweight cores. Being able to combine the light and the heavy could almost double smartphone performance in 2018. This company has also updated the lightweight core, which has not been done for a few years.

A high screen-to-body ratio will be common

Companies that have increased their screen to body ratio include Essential, Samsung, Honor, LG, Sharp, and Xiaomi. Apple has done this as well to their iPhone X. You can expect to see a larger screen-to-body ratio on the Mate10 by Huawei in 2018 also.

This feature is expected to come to the budget line of smartphones as well as the luxury phones. Mid-range phones are expected to appear with larger screens as well, like the Q6 by LG.

The headphone jack will be missing from more smartphones

Many manufacturers follow the leader when it comes to new technology, and in the case of the disappearing headphone jack, this trend stays true. Apple removed the headphone jack in their iPhone 7, and other manufacturers may decide to do the same in 2018. There is a rumor that Google’s Pixel 3 is missing the jack, for example. This is interesting if true, because Google disagreed with Apple for removing this key feature on their smartphones.

More brands will release smartphones with “AI” technology

One of the most interesting tech features being added to smartphones is the “machine learning” that some companies are working with. Samsung and Huawei claim that their recent smartphones have this feature, and HTC has a virtual assistant as well.

Huawei claims to be launching a processor in 2018 that they are calling the first “AI” chip. ARM says that their new chips have improved performance in machine learning also. It is reasonable to assume other brands will experiment with this technology. Better machine learning on phones can lead to faster inference, more offline capabilities, and other innovative features.

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