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Have An Android Phone? Use These 5 Little Known Features!

Monday, August 28th, 2017

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Most consumers are choosing Android smartphones over Apple because of Android’s vast customization options. However, interesting features can be overlooked or even hidden in the vast amount of tools, options, and menus. Some of these features can only be found with sheer luck. The following are five lesser known features that you can use on your Android smartphone.

Use android device manager for remote security

A unique feature hidden away in the Google Play Services framework is the Android Device Manager. This element lets you lock, track, or even wipe your Android device if it happens to get lost or stolen. To enable this convenient feature, you will need to go into your system settings and find the security option. Then, scroll to the Device Administrators option, open it, and check the box beside Android Device Manager. This will allow you to use the full set of features such as track, ring, lock, or wipe.

If you have only one Android device, you can access Android Device Manager by using a web browser to visit the Android Device Manager website. You can then log into your account and see where your device is, as well as remotely lock it or even erase your data if necessary. If you happen to have more than one Android device, you can use the app for the Android Device Manager instead.

You can use screen recording

After much anticipation, Android now has the capability to screen record built into some smartphones. The screen recording feature was released in Android’s 5.0 Lollipop update. Now, all you need is an app to be able to use the newly supported screen recording capabilities. You will have to find an app through the Play Store that fits your needs if your phone does not come with this feature.

Speed up system animations

Newer Android devices offer faster browsing experiences. There is an interesting feature hidden in a secret menu on your Android device that will easily speed up your animations. To access this menu, go into your main system settings, click on About, Software Information, More, and Build Number. Once you arrive at the build number, the next step is to tap the build number multiple times. A small message will appear at the bottom of the screen confirming that you are a developer.

This process alone will not do anything to harm your device, but simply activates the Developer Options menu. Once done, return to the main settings list and find your new option and open it. There are many things you can change in this menu besides animation speed, but if you are not careful, you could mess up your device.

To speed up your interface, go to Drawing, then click Window animation Scale. Next, click transition animation scale and Animator duration scale. All of the options will be set to 1x by default, but you can change them to 0.5x for a more seamless experience.

Get into your phone faster

Smart Lock is available on Android devices in a similar way to Android Device Manager. This feature enables different options, depending on the smartphone you have. Nexus devices seem to have the most options, including Trusted Location, Trusted Face, Trusted Devices, and On-Body Detection. Most other devices are at least equiped with the Trusted Devices and Trusted Location features.

Trusted Location works so that when you are in a location that you have marked as trusted, you will not have to insert a PIN or pattern. However, if you leave the area, your phone will ask you for your PIN, pattern, or password. Trusted Devices is a similar feature that allows you to avoid being prompted for a password when connecting to NFC or Bluetooth devices.

On-Body Detection will not prompt you as long as the phone is in your hand or in your pocket. Once the device is set down, it will lock again. The Trusted Face feature will remove the prompt when the front camera comes in view of your face.

On some devices, the Smart Lock Menu may be hidden. If this is the case, you may need to enable Google Play Services as a “trust agent” before gaining access.

Take control of your data usage

The Data Usage menu can help you maintain your data usage on your Android smartphone. Some data plans require you to watch your data usage closely to avoid additional fees. Android luckily has a feature built in that can help you maintain your usage. This menu usually resides near the top of your settings list. The sliders can be used to set your own custom data limits. The menu will only warn you when you are approaching the data limit by default. A better way to use this menu is to set the warning a few hundred megabytes below your allowed limit. This will give you a better indication of when you are approaching your limit so you can slow down your data usage.

Find an Android device in your area

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