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8 Things To Know About The Apple iPad Before Buying A Tablet

Monday, August 21st, 2017

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With all the tablets available today, choosing just one can be a daunting task. It is important to first look at what you actually need in a tablet. Depending on what you want to use it for, you will be able to make your selection easier. The Apple iPad is one of the most popular devices in the industry. The following can help you decide if the iPad is the right tablet for you.

Front-running in the industry

Apple is the leading producer in the tablet market. The technology in the iPad continues to be cutting edge and constantly improving. The latest A10X Fusion processor outperforms many laptops on the market, and the upcoming iOS11 promises significant improvements in many areas. Since the debut of the iPad, other companies have introduced a wide variety of models, many with excellent technology. Currently, the iPads don’t have the option for multiple user accounts or fingerprint scanning, so there is still opportunity for improvement.

Convenience and portability

One of the most attractive features of the iPad is how light and thin it is. Laptops can be bulky and heavy, and few other tablets can match the sleekness of an iPad. There are several sizes to choose from, starting with the 7.9” mini and going up to the 12.9” Pro. The Pro weighs in at under 2 pounds, making it easy to carry, hold, and use for extended periods of time. This feature make the iPad great for on-the-go professionals.


Apple’s retina display provides beautiful colors and all-angle viewing, unlike most laptops and some other tablets. However, the screen does pick up any ambient glare, so viewing in full sunlight or brightly lit areas can be a challenge. If you have Apple TV or an iPhone, the iPad syncs with them and allows you to see things on the television or on the tablet.

Ease of use

Most everyone can quickly learn how to navigate and use an iPad and feel confident about it. If you like to customize the settings of your devices, however, the iPad doesn’t allow many changes without some serious modifications, which can void the warranty. You get powerful technology and apps that meet Apple’s strict standards, but you can’t adjust much to meet your personal specifications.

Available apps

Apple provides thousands of choices in the App Store, ranging from simple games to organizational tools. Many of the apps are under $5 or free. All of the apps are also vetted by Apple employees for minimum quality requirements and have a low chance of containing malware.

The Google Play market has a much larger variety of apps for Samsung tablets. However, quantity does not always mean quality. Some of the apps in the Google Play store are spam, malicious, or just do not work.

Accessories to improve your experience

Apple offers a wide variety of accessories for the iPad, but some can be expensive. Non-Apple accessories don’t always work with the iPad, so finding a less costly alternative can be difficult. Cases and other protective items are not as hard to come across for the iPad. The touch screen offers amazing interaction with files and apps, but the addition of a stylus, keyboard, and/or mouse can drive the price up. Online stores and even local stores carry large selections of these products, so you should be able to find something that meets your needs.

Powerful enough to get the job done

The upcoming iOS11 will offer significantly more power to the iPad, with a new Files app, drag-and-drop functionality, and a hefty processor. However, all iPads still lack a way to add memory, so there is a limit on how much data you can put on each device. Apple offers cloud services for storage, but the base size of the cloud can be too small, so you must pay to expand your storage.


Many critics point to the price tag on the iPad as a major detraction. It is far from the most expensive tablet, but be prepared to spend at least $329 on the basic 9.7” model. When you take a look at what you get for that amount, you may agree that the iPad is worth the cost.

If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, Android has several tablets that will work. However, if you go with a cheaper tablet, it may not be powerful enough to accomplish your tasks. It may be more beneficial in the long run to spend a little extra to get a more powerful device.

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