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7 Reasons You Still Need A Tablet in 2017

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

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Some people are convinced that there is no reason to own a tablet in 2017. The real reason that tablet sales have leveled off is because in the six years since the iPad was released, an estimated one billion tablets have been created and sold. These tablets come in various sizes and quality varies, so the market has been saturated. However, that does not mean a tablet isn’t still a useful thing to own. Here are seven reasons why you still need a tablet this year.

Tablets are bigger than your phone

For some, the argument as to why you don’t need a tablet is because so many smartphones have gotten larger. However, using a bulky phone can be awkward. Keeping a smaller phone and a tablet is more convenient. With a tablet on hand, you will always have the larger device to turn to when you need to work or want to play games. Even if you have the largest phone in the market, the screen size will only be half that of the largest tablets available. If you are watching a movie or just looking at spreadsheets, screen size can make all the difference.

Tablets are smaller than your laptop

Considering the opposite end of the size spectrum, it can be cumbersome to constantly carry a laptop around. A good, well-rounded tablet can do almost anything a laptop can do. With current tablet setups, a small price can get you a decent case and a Bluetooth keyboard to aid your computing needs. While laptops are gearing towards smaller sizes these days, their prices run higher. You may end up with something that is not as durable for the price. With so many laptop hybrids on the market, many of them tablets, all you need are a few accessories to have a more convenient experience.

Tablets do more than your e-reader

It may go without saying that a tablet can do more than a device made only to read. However, modern tablets now have functions that make reading just as comfortable as it would be on an e-reader. Many Android tablets and the new Amazon fire tablet, for example, come with a blue light filter to make reading gentler on the eyes. There is also an app called F.lux that will adjust your monitor settings based on the time of day.

Some tablets even outdo e-readers when it comes to certain content. For example, if you want to read a magazine or graphic novel, a full-color tablet will display it properly. A grayscale e-reader simply can’t provide the same graphic capabilities.

You have more convenience in the kitchen with a tablet

A tablet will outshine a traditional cookbook in almost any respect. First, there’s the convenience of not having to rummage through pages searching for the recipe you need. A quick search on the internet will give you multiple options for any dish. You also have access to video tutorials that you can cook along with, not to mention the access to conversion and substitution charts. If you still have questions, there are forums full of people ready to help you with your cooking. Some people actually keep a cheap tablet on hand specifically for their kitchen.

Tablets can keep your kids entertained

While most smartphones have access to the same games that tablets do, you don’t necessarily want to hand over your personal phone to your kids. To keep sticky fingers off your phone and computer, a cheap tablet is a great option. In fact, many manufacturers make tablets specifically for children, like the Amazon Fire Kid’s Edition. These tablets give you access to a ton of age-appropriate games and applications and usually come equipped with child protection settings. Many of these child-friendly tablets come with a policy that will replace the device if it is damaged, no-questions-asked.

There are a variety of applications and uses

There is almost no limit on what you can do with a tablet. With a few additional components, you can easily turn a tablet into a retro gaming console, complete with game controllers. You can add a mouse and keyboard to make the tablet feel more like a desktop computer or use it as a second monitor. You can turn your tablet into a media server or a digital picture frame, use it for smart home automation, or turn it into a security camera.

You can use your tablet as a backup device

In the world of electronics, malfunctions will happen. A tablet makes a good backup for the times that your computer or personal phone go on the fritz. These devices are an excellent go-to if you need to get something done immediately and your other electronic devices are lagging or experiencing issues. Tablets also fill in as a remote control, a camera, a radio, alarm clock, or almost any other electronic device. A tablet is really the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to electronics.

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