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7 iPhone And Android Features You Should Know About

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

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Smartphones are a part of everyday life, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs. Some want all the “bells and whistles,” while others just want basic functionality. The two most well known types of smartphones on the market are iPhone and Android. Apple makes the iPhone, and numerous manufacturers make Android supported phones. Here are some things to consider when comparing your options with these two brands.

Plugging in and battery life

The first smartphones needed daily charging, and depending on your usage, current phones may still need charging during the day. The newest models have corrected the issue of battery life, but there are some differences. Android phones come from many different manufacturers, and the power requirements are different for each model. iPhones are strictly regulated by Apple, so the charging needs are closely monitored and controlled. However, some Android smartphones are ahead of iPhones with their power conservation due to having larger batteries. If you don’t mind a little extra size and weight, you can go farther with an Android.

Convenience of use

Many enjoy using smartphones in part because they are pocket computers that offer the ability to do more while away from home or work. Those extra computing functions require more power and storage, and Androids offer more options than iPhones. Apple does not allow extra SD cards or plug-in memory, and batteries come in one size for each smartphone. Android users can easily add more powerful batteries and carry additional memory for the various apps needed to keep working on the go. However, iPhones are usually considered safer, due to a more heavily controlled app store, and can be easier to use.

Form and function

The old argument of style vs. substance is still relevant for smartphones. Apple insists on straightforward and user-friendly experiences while Android caters to open-source creativity. If you have to be able to customize your smartphone, then Android is your platform. If you want reliability and fewer bugs, the iPhone is your choice. The ability to change core software can adversely affect performance. Because of this, many Android manufacturers who try to distinguish themselves from the rest actually create a less capable device.

Safety is important

The rise of personal computing makes identity theft a bigger concern than ever. Smartphone users want assurance that they are not taking unnecessary risks when using their devices. It’s no contest that iPhones are more secure than Androids. Apple’s high quality control over apps and the OS itself mean that few hackers attempt to crack their phones, and most attacks are unsuccessful. Andoid’s open-source approach means that everyone has access to the OS, and some can create Android-specific viruses.

Phones are bigger and better

Because there are so many options for smartphone use, size is important. The term “phablet” indicates a cross between a phone and tablet, and more smartphones are bridging that gap. While iPhones are getting larger, Android still has the biggest screens.

GPS should work well

Most people like to travel, and getting where you want to go quickly is important. Both iPhone and Android offer mapping apps on their smartphone, and they stand roughly equal to one another. Apple Maps was infamous in its early days for errors, but each update has corrected more of those. In the end, both phones offer access to Google Maps, so you can find your destination with few worries.

Service providers vary

You have your choice of service providers with both iPhone and Android. Initially, iPhone only worked through AT&T. Now, you can get service from all four major carriers and numerous regional providers, both US and international.

Buying the right smartphone for your needs

The bottom line is different for each person, and the choice is ultimately yours. Each factor means something unique to you, so you should shop around for smartphones carefully. If you would like expert help in making your decision, stop by Communication Connection today. We have the latest tablets, device accessories, and smartphones and are a Verizon Authorized dealer with the largest 4G LTE network. Browse our Locations to find a store near you today and learn more about our Plans and Promotions. We have locations throughout Texas and Oklahoma including Amarillo, Borger, Childress, Dumas, Dalhart, Elk City, Guymon, Haskell, Hereford, Hudson Oaks, Mineral Wells, Pampa, Perryton, Shamrock, and Vernon.