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6 Ways To Keep Your Android Smartphone Running Efficiently

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

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An Android smartphone comes to you loaded with useful applications. With the Android OS, you’ll find it simpler to take photographs, watch your favorite videos, make and receive calls, and surf the Web. As you use your phone and download data, you may find it doesn’t perform as fast, and the battery will not hold a good charge. If you want to keep your Android performing at peak performance, there are some steps you can take to improve its operations.

Close unused programs

Your smartphone isn’t the same as your desktop computer. This device does not maintain the same amount of processing power and will slow down if you leave several programs open or running. If you notice your phone slowing down, you need to check if you’ve left applications open in the background. There are apps available for your device that work like the task manager on your desktop or laptop. These will close background apps that freeze or slow down your smartphone.

Charge the battery correctly

Your Android smartphone will perform better on a fully charged battery. At the end of each day, you should get in the habit of plugging your phone into its charger. However, you should not let the charge reach 100% and sit for long periods. This causes the phone to continually recharge overnight.

It is also not recommended that you run your battery entirely out before recharging, as it can damage its ability to hold a charge. If you take proper care of it, the life of your Android smartphone battery is estimated to be between three and five years. This includes keeping your phone out of extreme temperatures that may damage the cells of the lithium-ion battery.

Clear your browser’s cache

Surfing the web is one of the best features of your Android smartphone. If you use this feature often, the buildup of memory in the browser’s cache will also slow your phone down. To clear the browser cache, open your browser, click on the Menu, click on Options, Settings, and then the Clear Cache button. You will receive a prompt to verify you wish to clear the cache. Simply click verify and your smartphone will begin the process. Depending on the amount of info and the speed of your phone, clearing your cache can take a few minutes. This method may vary depending on your device, so discuss clearing your cache with an expert at your local smartphone store.

Memory management software

There are many different forms of memory management software and most come at little to no cost. These use defragmenting software to clean up the speed of your phone, as well as restore and recover lost information. They often include various other features that can help you stay on top of your phone’s memory. Some only work while you have them open, while others run without you having to open them.

Remove unused programs, media, or cookies

Your Android smartphone can store a lot of information for you to use at a later time. This information is kept on your device in the form of apps, video files, photos, or informational files. Most of these items can be accessed and managed through your phone’s gallery or the home screen.

Other forms of information are stored in cookies that keep track of your web usage and history. These cookies are used for marketing purposes and take up a lot of room in your memory. Removing unused programs, cookies, or media files when they’re no longer in use can help speed up your phone.

Reset your smartphone to its factory settings

If you’ve tried all the above methods of cleaning up your Android phone’s history and memory, and still find it is running too slow, try restoring it. Remember, this action is most often used only as a last resort, as it will delete all of your downloaded and saved files. The factory data reset will restore your device to its original, out-of-the-box condition. You will lose all of your information, but it is a fresh start and will put your phone back to original operational speed. The operating system stays intact, and you’ll be ready to start all over.

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