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6 Signs Your Smartphone May Be Infected With A Virus

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

smartphone security tips to protect your information

While malware and viruses can be a serious problem on desktops and laptop computers, your smartphone could also become infected. Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, can become infected with malware and viruses that can be used to hijack your personal data. These malicious programs can target your apps, email, and even your banking information.
Malware and viruses are dangerous for your devices and your security. The longer your smartphone is infected, the more time viruses have to steal your information. Being proactive is the best way of protecting yourself from mobile invasion. Here are six signs your device may be infected with a virus.

Frequent pop-ups

You might notice that you run into the occasional pop-up ad on your smartphone. This isn’t out of the ordinary because many sites and apps use them. However, if you begin to see pop-ups more frequently while using your regular apps, something could be wrong. Be sure never to click the pop-ups, as some are designed to cause even more problems.

Rapid data usage

A major sign that your smartphone or tablet is infected with a virus is having an unusual amount of data use. Viruses can overuse and drain your mobile data by running hidden tasks and making background connections to the internet. This can cause overcharges in data usage and can cost you money over time, which means you are paying money for this to continue. Even with unlimited data, unwanted background tasks can cause your device to slow down or work incorrectly. It is best to keep an eye on your data usage in your phone settings. If you notice more activity than usual, it may be worth getting your phone checked by a professional.

Apps suddenly crashing

It can be frustrating being in the middle of a text message or game when your app crashes out of nowhere. Malware and viruses can cause the apps you regularly use to perform poorly, which can cause frequent crashing. Be sure to check for system updates on your smartphone or tablet and make sure each app has the latest version.

Apps you didn’t download

Some viruses can get deep enough into your smartphone that they can automatically download apps without your knowledge or approval. These apps may look familiar but can cause even more damage to your mobile device. If you have an app that looks similar to your other apps, but don’t remember downloading it, delete it immediately. If it turns out to be a legitimate app, you can always re-download it.

Unexpected charges to your bank account or phone bill

One serious problem mobile malware or viruses can cause is charges to your accounts. Some users may find odd charges on their monthly phone bill or on a bank statement. These payments could be labeled as anything from app purchases to SMS usage. If you notice any unusual charges, make sure to check with your bank and mobile carrier about the legitimacy of the transaction.

Poor battery life

Have you noticed a sudden drop in the battery life of your smartphone? A virus or malware can run multiple tasks in the background of your device without you even knowing. This can cause a serious decrease in battery life. Over time, this can damage your smartphone or tablet and ruin your battery. If the battery life on your device is dramatically decreased, it is a good idea to take it to a professional.

How to remove a virus on Android

There are a few steps you can take on your own to try and remove a virus from your Android smartphone. To start, boot your device in safe mode. This can usually be done by holding the power button on and tapping the safe mode option. If this option does not come up, you may have to search how to boot your specific smartphone model into safe mode.

Once your smartphone is in safe mode, go into your app settings and check your apps. If something doesn’t look right, or you see apps you aren’t familiar with, uninstall them from there. Viruses can be hidden inside apps downloaded from a third party source. Your best bet to avoid an infection is to get your apps from a trusted source such as the Google Play Store.

Removing a virus from an iPhone or iPad

If you believe your iPhone may be infected with a virus, the quickest solution is wiping the phone. Before doing this, you will want to make sure that your smartphone data is backed up in either iTunes or the cloud. This way you can easily recover your smartphone apps, contacts, and settings. If you continue seeing issues after a fresh wipe, you may want to take it in to a professional.

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