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5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your New Tablet

Monday, August 21st, 2017

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Getting a new tablet may seem confusing at first, but if you break it down into steps, setting it up can be easy and fun. Tablets are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and are often received as gifts. Whether you received your tablet as a gift or purchased it yourself, this device will be a great addition to your device collection. The following are a few things to take into consideration when setting up your new tablet, including installing apps, organizing home screens, and sorting your photos.

Start with the essentials

Your tablet will not come fully charged, so it may be wise to plug it in for the setup process. Most tablet batteries will last twice as long as your smartphone battery when fully charged.

Your tablet will also need an internet connection of some kind to use many of its features. Even if you have cellular data capabilities on your tablet, you may still have a data cap. It is best to log onto a wi-fi network when setting up your tablet.

Once you are connected to the internet, you can sign in to your tablet. Most tablets have a sign in process during startup for the first time. If you have an existing account, simply put in your information and you will be signed into your new tablet. Signing in allows for data, apps, and photos from other devices to be shared to your new tablet. If you do not currently have an account, it is recommended that you create one.

After you have signed in, it is time to protect your personal information. To protect your device, it is wise to set a passcode. A password will keep your personal data safe from others on your tablet. Next, you may want to set remote location, which allows you to find your tablet should it ever get lost or stolen.

As a final step, you should check for system software updates. You want your tablet software to be updated to the latest version before you install other apps to avoid malware.

Download some apps

Once you have completed the basic setup, you can move on to using your tablet. Installing apps is a great way to make this device your own. There are several types of apps including social media, games, music, movies, shopping, and more. Most apps are free, although some have in-app purchases. Other apps cost money to download. Start slow at first, because installing several apps at once can slow down your device.

Organize your home screens

After you have downloaded some apps, you may want to rearrange your home screens to keep them organized. In most cases, this step is as simple as tapping and holding a specific app until it allows you to move it. You can also add folders or categories to your home screens. Folders allow you to group related apps together, making them easier to find.

Another fun way to organize your home screens is to use widgets. Some apps will allow you to put live information feeds right on your home screen in the form of widgets.

Download and listen to music

Your new tablet has the capability to transfer music directly from your computer. All you need to do this is the USB cord that should have been included with your device for charging purposes. If you do not have music on your computer, you can download a music app. Some music apps will even allow you to download the songs on the go when offline.

Sort out your photos

Tablets are not always ideal for taking photos, but with the larger screen, they can be great for viewing them. Some apps will let you seamlessly share your photos between other devices. This creates painless photo browsing across all of your devices.

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