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5 Tricks To Improve The Audio Quality Of Your Smartphone

Monday, October 8th, 2018

get better smartphone audio with device accessories and these tips

Smartphones have replaced many digital devices, including the camera, PDA, satellite navigator, voice recorder, and pager. One of the latest gadgets the smartphone has begun to replace is the MP3 player. These devices are able to stream just about any music through apps. However, your phone may not have the best audio possible. The following will go over some tricks to improve the audio quality of your smartphone.

1. Check your music app settings

First, check the settings in your music apps. On many apps, like Spotify, you can improve the audio streaming and downloading quality to “Extreme.” With this particular app, you can make these changes on the settings page.

Google Play Music is packaged with an equalizer for streaming music. But, bear in mind that if you use the equalizer, it will use up more of your data if you stream over your cellular service. So unless you have unlimited data, you should limit high-quality streaming to when you are on wi-fi.

You can improve audio quality in Apple Music as well through the Mobile Data option in Settings. Apple Music also has an equalizer, but it only uses presets, so your options to customize are more limited than on Android smartphones.

2. Install an equalizer app

If your favorite music app doesn’t include an equalizer, you can download a third-party app to enhance your audio. There are equalizers available on both the Apple and Android app stores.

On the Android store, you can download apps like Equalizer & Bass Booster and Music Volume EQ. These are both highly rated and recommended apps to improve smartphone audio quality. If you want to dig even deeper into your phone’s settings, you can use ViPer4Android, but you should be familiar with more advanced use before attempting this.

At the Apple store, you can download apps like Equalizer, EQu, and Equalizer+ to adjust your audio settings. Each of these apps is highly rated and are easy to use.

3. Buy a dedicated accessory

You’re not limited to installing apps to improve audio quality. You can also use external accessories. For example, the Arcam MusicBoost fits an amp and Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) inside your phone case. You can also use DragonFly and Chord Mojo DACs to improve audio quality. However, make sure you confirm that your phone has the specifications to use these DACs to their fullest potential, or you may not notice a difference. Finally, you can use amps to boost your audio volume, but the best way to do this is to use high-quality headphones and to upgrade your smartphone.

4. Upgrade your kit

Two factors affect the quality of the sound your smartphone produces: the engineering of your phone and the headphones you use. One of the easiest ways to improve quality is to upgrade one (or ideally both) of these factors. The HTC 10 comes equipped with high-resolution audio and 24-bit output, making it one of the best choices for music lovers. As far as headphones, it depends on the experience you want and the price you want pay.

5. External devices

Finally, you can use a music app on your smartphone, but you don’t have to use its audio capabilities. Depending on your needs, you can get external speakers, Bluetooth speakers, or home theatre receivers. Using one of these external devices, you can improve the streaming quality of your phone and enjoy music the old-fashioned way: through a speaker.

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