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5 Tips For Reducing Your Mobile Data Usage

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

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Everyone enjoys watching their favorite videos on their smartphones. Did you know that streaming these videos consumes large amounts of mobile data if you are not connected to wireless internet? Your data allotment can quickly be used up by playing videos, allowing application notifications, or even just leaving your applications open. No one wants to pay overage charges for going past their data limits. Here are five tips that can help you reduce your mobile data usage.

Adjust your Wi-Fi settings

Check your wireless internet settings and make sure you have them set to automatically connect to secure Wi-Fi networks at your home or office. This is an easy setting to change on most tablets and smartphones. Set your device to remember your internet network so you are connected to it automatically whenever it is in range.

Use Wi-Fi for downloading large files

You should be connected to Wi-fi every time you download a large file. Some applications can be more than 100MB in size. Downloading a large application without a Wi-Fi connection can quickly eat up your mobile data. This is also true when it comes to streaming videos, which uses about 350MB per hour.

Shut off your applications

Closing the applications on your smartphone when you are not using them will greatly reduce your mobile data usage. Open applications, especially those with location services, will send and receive information even when your smartphone is locked. Leaving your applications open will waste data and drain your battery.

Manage notifications

If you are like most smartphone users, you probably get a ton of notifications and alerts. These notifications can consume data. Some of the notifications may be necessary, like calendar alerts, while others are not so urgent. Disable email and push notifications from game applications to decrease your data usage.

Set up data usage alerts

If you are not already getting alerts about your data usage, contact your service provider and find out how to enable them. These messages will alert you if you are near or past your allotted limit. Understanding just how much data you are using will allow you to stop using large amounts of data.

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