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5 Reasons To Choose The iPhone 7 Plus

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

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When a new smartphone hits the market, everyone rushes to order one. With each new generation, smartphones improve on technology and features that can enhance your daily life. You may be considering a purchase of the iPhone 7 Plus, but are not quite sure if it is the best phone for your needs. When considering this smartphone, there are a few things to think about that can make your purchase easier. The new generation of iPhone has many great features, including a longer battery life, more storage, and a dual camera system.

Longer battery life

The battery in the iPhone 7 Plus is larger than the iPhone 6S Plus. Those who have experienced problems with the battery being downgraded from the 6 to the 6S will appreciate this improvement. With the removal of the headphone jack, there was more room to incorporate a larger power bank. The removal allows for five percent more space, which is enough to increase the battery life.

Larger basic storage capacity

The basic storage in the iPhone 7 Plus has doubled from previous models to 32GB. Apple has improved their storage so the OS updates do not eat up storage that you can make better use of. The improved camera will increase file sizes and you will be able to store larger files. These improvements will extend the storage on the phone by 16GB.

Water resistant technology

The new iPhone 7 Plus is water resistant, although it will not stand up against salt water. The new model will resist water when submerged up to one meter for 30 minutes. It is also protected from harmful dust and holds a rating of IP67, only one step down from the Samsung Galaxy S7’s rating of IP68.

Dual camera system

The dual camera setup is a dramatic shift in what many have been accustomed to with iPhones. You will have two 12MP lenses with this model and one standard 28mm lens that is an improvement from the 6S. The system has a wider aperture and is 50% brighter than the iPhone 6S. The dual camera offers you increased shutter speed and improved optical image stabilization.

This overall improvements to the camera system give you better color reproduction, automatically set exposure, provide tone mapping, improve focus and white balance, and reduce noise. There is a secondary 56mm lens so you can switch between this lens and the 28mm lens. The lenses allow you to create the effect of a 2x optical zoom.

One of the best features with the new dual camera setup is how it is able to de-focus shots. One lens captures the subject, while the second provides depth information and blurs the background. However, this is not a feature that will be included with the first batch of releases. Apple will release this attribute as an update.

Larger size

The iPhone 7 Plus is larger than its predecessors, which gives you some extra benefits. The resolution display will be higher at 1080p. This phone also features an increased color gamut and a display that is 25% brighter. You will appreciate these extra pixels and size if you use your phone for gaming.

There may be some issues with not having the headphone jack, including extra bulk. Adding a 3.5mm converter to the phone to use your existing headphones will make the device longer as well. If you need to charge your phone while listening to music, an adapter will be necessary.

Where to get an iPhone 7 Plus

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