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5 Facts About Dual Camera Smartphones You May Not Know

Friday, October 27th, 2017

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The latest camera technology has exploded in the smartphone industry. Phone photography rises to another level through smartphones with dual camera technology. The idea of placing two cameras within a phone came from the need for more features and to push past the constraints of a single camera. This camera setup is becoming a standard feature in most smartphones. The following are five facts you should know about dual camera smartphones.

Dual cameras have been around for awhile

In 2011, the LG Optimus 3D and the HTC Evo 3D were the first smartphones to feature a dual camera system. 3D content did exist five years ago, so these phones were at the forefront of technology at that time. Then, 3D technology fell out of popularity, so smartphone manufacturers went back to the single camera format.

The differences between some dual camera setups

Not all smartphones have identical cameras installed. Leica infused its imaging technology to the Huawei P9. This system has the monochrome and color sensors for image clarity and sharper photos when used together. You can also choose to operate only the monochrome for stunning black and white images. Apple’s iPhone 7+ has cameras with different focal lengths. One provides a zoom feature and the other is wide angle. This is great technology that eliminates the bulky zoom lens usually needed to capture certain images. LG makes the G5 and V20, which have dual camera setups similar to Apple smartphones. The difference is that LG put ultra wide lenses on their products, which are better for group pictures and landscape photography.

This technology will not go out style

Adding side by side cameras on smartphones is not a fad that will likely stick around. It is even possible that future designs will include multiple camera lenses. Placing the cameras side by side in a phone does not add much bulk to the body and can easily be done to many models.

Less expensive smartphones also have dual cameras

You might think the dual camera setup is expensive when you look at the price of a Huawei P9 or an iPhone 7+. However, that pricing has more to do with brand and other technology. Entry level smartphones are built with this setup as well. Even if you are on a budget, you can still enjoy the high tech features of phone photography.

Image quality is also influenced by other factors

Image sensors in a smartphone influence how much light is let into the camera for the image and focus. Lens openings (aperture) which allow more light to pass through, and higher shutter speeds (for capturing motion), are two other influencers of image quality. Some smartphones include image stabilization (optical or electronic) to steady shots or predict hand shaking. Both features make pictures less blurry due to operator movement.

Technology has the reputation of changing in the blink of an eye, so you should expect dual camera setups to change as well. It is exciting to think of what smartphone manufacturers will include on their products in the next few months and years.

Where to find the best dual camera smartphones

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