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5 Convenient Ways To Make Your iPad Or iPhone Easier To Use

Friday, September 15th, 2017

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Fans of the iPad and iPhone appreciate the combination of easy to use features and powerful computing functions these devices provide. The power and user friendly functions are one reason why many people have stopped using laptop and desktop computers and have switched to tablets. The following are a five tips that will make your iPhone or iPad easier to use.

Improve alerts

If you have trouble hearing, you can adjust the sound settings for your device. It is easy to miss calls or unread messages, unless your alert sounds are loud enough. One feature you can turn on is your iPhone’s LED light, which can flash when you receive an alert. To set up this feature, go to Settings, select General, and then select Accessibility. You should then see the option to turn on LED flash for alerts.

Change text size and turn on the zoom function

It is not always easy to read the small print, even if you are viewing it on the large screen of your iPad or iPhone. However, you do have a couple of options to make the text bold and bigger for easier reading. Go to Settings, then choose Accessibility. Your next choice on the menu should be Larger Text. You will then be given the option of choosing Larger Accessibility sizes. Next, move the slider to adjust the size of the font to your preference. If you want bold text, tap on the Bold Text button. Remember, you have to restart your iPad or iPhone for this feature to work.

You can also enable zoom functions while using apps. To do this, open Settings, choose General, and then choose Accessibility. Under that menu, you should see Zoom. When you turn this feature on, you can use three fingers to “double tap.” Applications will then allow you to zoom in on things like an Instagram photo or your app screens.

Add shapes to buttons

It can be frustrating to press on the tiny buttons of an iPhone or iPad, whether you are a new user to Apple products or a pro. One feature that helps eliminate this irritation is the ability to put shapes and outlines on buttons. This gives you a better idea where you should press on the screen. To turn on this feature, go to Settings and choose General. Next, you can choose Accessibility and turn on Button Shapes.

Voiceover features

If you want your text read out loud to you, turn on the VoiceOver feature. It includes a description of what you might not be able to view on the screen, as well as viewable written content. One of the tasks that VoiceOver performs for you includes telling you how much battery you have left. This feature can also read each letter of a text or email you write, tell you who is calling, and give map directions. VoiceOver is even able to tell you how many people are in a picture if you are using your camera and give spoken photo descriptions. To turn this feature on, go to Settings, choose General, and then click on Accessibility. Then, turn on the VoiceOver option. You can also practice with VoiceOver and set its speaking rate by pushing the home button three times.

Enable subtitles

Watching TV with closed captioning allows you to read the words on the screen that match the words people are speaking. This feature is helpful if you want to watch TV when others are sleeping or if you are hard of hearing. On most Apple devices, you can turn on subtitles to read what people are saying on videos. Go to Settings and select General. Then, you can choose Accessibility to turn on the Captioning & Subtitles. Apple also gives you the option to choose the captioning font, size, color, and type to make using your phone or tablet even easier.

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