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4 Ways You Can Avoid Damaging Your Smartphone

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

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Your smartphone has probably become indispensable in your private and professional life. At work, on the go, and at home, your phone helps you stay organized and connected. The portability of smartphones makes them susceptible to damage and they can be expensive to repair or replace. If you damage your device, you could even lose all of your data. You can protect your smartphone from damage by using a screen protector and phone case, as well as keeping it in ideal environments.

Buy a screen protector

Smartphones are usually constructed with scratch proof and impact resistant screens made from a material like gorilla glass. This does not make them indestructible, however. You should consider getting a screen protector if you often drop your phone. It is easier to replace and less expensive should anything scratch the protection you have over the screen. Another benefit you get from having a screen protector is a special covering that is smudge and fingerprint resistant.

Consider using a phone case

The portable size of a smartphone is a good thing, but it also leaves your device open to more opportunities for damage. Putting a phone on the counter is convenient, but it can be knocked off, and keeping it in your pocket can also be dangerous. Having a case around your smartphone helps protect it from breaking if it hits the ground. Cases are available at a variety of prices and can be found in many stores. Some cases protect only at impact points, while others fully cover your smartphone and protect it from dust, dirt, and accidental water immersion.

Keep your smartphone dry

Smartphone anufacturers are releasing new models that promise to be water resistant. These phones are not designed to be completely waterproof, but to survive a dip into a puddle or the toilet, or a trip in the rain. If there is a chance your smartphone could get wet, protect it inside your briefcase or purse. If you need to use it frequently, consider buying a waterproof or water resistant case.

Do not leave your phone in extreme temperatures

The battery and internal components inside your smartphone can be damaged by extended exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Shortened battery life, data loss, and negative changes in the internal mechanisms are examples of how your phone could be affected.

There are a few ways you can protect your smartphone from extreme temperature damage. Place it in your pocket in cold weather and do not leave it in the car in extremely hot or cold weather. If your smartphone does get exposed to either hot or cold temperatures, gradually bring it to room temperature. Be particularly careful if it is going from cold to warm. These temperature changes might cause moisture buildup inside the device, which could lead to water damage.

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