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4 Tips For Finding The Best Apps For Your Smartphone

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

find the best smartphones in Texas and Oklahoma

With hundreds of thousands of apps available for your smartphone, how do you know where to find the best and most useful ones for you? Unfortunately, the many lists of “best apps” have crossovers and may have missed the less well known, but excellent apps. Here are four quick ways to find great apps for your smartphone, without having to spend hours of your time searching.

Ask your family and friends what apps they like to use

It is a great idea to check with family and friends about what kind of apps they use. Many people will give you a list of apps that they love, but these people also know you personally. They are likely to give you app suggestions based on your personality and interests as well as their own. You can also ask business associates for apps based on your shared area of work to find apps that could help you in your career.

Subscribe to a free service with app installation recommendations

Another great option for finding apps would be to sign up for one or more free sites that give customized suggestions for apps you might like. Some of these websites are restricted to certain phone operating systems, so be sure to find one that will work for your smartphone. Others will contain rating information or use a list of apps you already use and questions to find new apps for you. Some of the most comprehensive app websites will allow you to use all of these features to find apps for yourself and help others find apps for their smartphones.

Look to social media and bloggers for app recommendations

Twitter and Facebook, websites, and blogs you read from people you follow are great places to look for app recommendations. If these resources have made past suggestions that interest you, it is likely that they will continue to do so. Doing research requires a bit more effort, because these people are probably not reviewing apps on a daily or hourly basis. You will have to remind yourself to check back with them frequently. If anyone you follow is discussing a subject that relates to an app you want, consider asking them about their suggestions in a comment or post.

Visit a smartphone store to speak with experts

Your local smartphone and tablet service provider has employees who should be tech savvy. Calling the store or visiting when the store is not busy is a great way to find out about the apps they recommend. Their expertise with each type of smartphone and its operating system should help you with your app selection.

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