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4 Things To Know Before Buying A Tablet For Your Kitchen

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Tablet in the kitchen with cooking recipe

Not everyone uses tablets in their daily life, but these devices can be especially useful in the kitchen. A tablet in your kitchen can take you through a recipe or set up to play Netflix, YouTube, and cooking shows. The portability of a tablet is one of its main benefits. It does not take up counter space the way a television or a laptop might and can easily be moved anywhere in the kitchen while you cook. Here is what you need to know before buying a tablet as your kitchen assistant.

Only pay for what you need

If you need a tablet for the kitchen, then you shouldn’t worry about getting the latest model with the newest features. You don’t need the most up-to-date hardware to search for a recipe or stream video. Instead, look for something that has enough performance to handle web browsing and video.

What does “enough” performance mean exactly? That question can be difficult to answer as technology is changing all the time. Since tablets are being upgraded frequently, that question is best suited for your local tech provider. They should be able to recommend a tablet that fits your needs.

Any tablet over $500 is most likely going to be too much for simple kitchen use. A more realistic price range for kitchen tablets is about $150 to $300. The situation changes if you plan to use your tablet outside of the kitchen. It may be reasonable to spend more money on a tablet if you plan on using it as an all-purpose device.

Look for tablets with durability

The kitchen can be a rough place for mobile technology. Messy ingredients and constant movement can send devices off of the counter and into the sink or onto the floor. Shock resistant tablets absorb some of the blow from falling in order to protect your hardware. While there are rugged tablets, they tend to be expensive and are intended mostly for outdoor use. You are better off investing in a device that can be equipped with a protective casing.

No matter what type of metal or plastic the tablet is made with, it shouldn’t feel flimsy. Also, it should not have many gaps or areas for things like dust, liquids, or flower to creep into. Look for tablet cases with shock resistance and screen covers. Fully covered cases can prevent water, moisture, or cooking ingredients from getting inside the tablet and causing damage.

Some devices come with built-in stands that are great for a countertop setup. If your tablet did not come with a stand, there may be a case that is durable and comes with one. Having your tablet stand up makes reading recipes or watching a show easier while you cook.

Look into accessories for your tablet

A sturdy tablet case isn’t the only useful add-on you may want. There are several other accessories that are worth looking into before you make your decision.

Kickstand and wand

A kickstand should be high on your kitchen tablet priority list. Make sure the stand has contact points with grips so that it will not slide or move when put down. Another accessory suited for kitchen use is a stylus pen or wand. Your hands may be messy or sticky while working in the kitchen and a stylus allows you to touch the screen without getting it dirty.

Counter/wall mount

Another useful tablet accessory for the kitchen is a countertop or wall mount. Some mounts can also be used to stick the tablet on your fridge. If you do invest in a mount, make sure it is compatible with other tablets in case you decide to upgrade your device.

Bluetooth speakers

If you aren’t satisfied with the built-in speakers of your tablet or your kitchen is too noisy, then you may want a bluetooth speaker. These speakers are portable and easy to set up. Just like the tablet, you can set the speaker anywhere you’d like as long as it is in bluetooth range of the device.

Find a tablet that is compatible with your needs

Whether the tablet is $50 or $500, it gives you nothing without the apps you need while cooking. Apple and Android tablets share a lot of the same apps such as Netflix and Spotify. You may want to research different cooking apps before making your decision as well.

Not all tablets will be compatible with the same cooking apps. Some recipe apps may only be on the iOS platform and others solely on Android devices. Find the specific apps you are interested in and see if they will work on the tablet you want to buy. Some of the most important apps may already be built-in, such as a web browser or a voice assistant.

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