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4 Things To Know About The Processors In Your Mobile Device

Monday, May 15th, 2017

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Smartphones and tablets have processors with some pretty dramatic sounding names. Snapdragon, Dual Core, Quad Core, Octa Core, and Exynos are just a few. You may wonder if you need to know what these names mean and if you even need to pay attention to processor lingo when looking for a new phone or tablet. These are important terms because they are the names of the equipment that powers your mobile device. Fortunately, processor lingo can be easy to understand.

Definition of a processor

Think of your smartphone as a mini computer with the ability to make phone calls. The processor is what tells your device what you want it to do. Some examples of what the processor does include telling apps what to do, informing your GPS of directions, and finding who to call using voice recognition technologies. Another way to think of the processor is that it is the brain of your device.

Learning about the core

A core is a part of the processor that functions by reading and executing instructions. Devices began with single cores, but as designers created smartphones and tablets with greater power, they included more than one core in a device. There are now four, six, and eight core mobile devices.

Why multiple cores are combined in a device

Having more cores in a smartphone or tablet increases the speed at which these devices can complete tasks. For example, apps will load faster, and you can take fine quality photographs or HD video and immediately view them thanks to multi core processors. Videos and animations will play without a stutter and game playing is fun because the action will not stop mid-play. With a few exceptions, more cores in a device means you can expect better performance.

Many wonder if an eight core device performs twice as fast as one with four cores, but it does not. An octa-core processor performs tasks faster than a quad-core only when it has to multitask, like when you take a phone call while browsing the web. It will also increase the speed at which your apps run, which makes them smoother and easier to use.

Other factors involved

The processor is only one component of many that make your devices run properly. Phones and tablets also contain RAM for short term memory, a processing unit for graphics, antenna for GPS and Wi-Fi, and other components. These parts work together as a whole to make your device operate, and should be considered along with the cores when choosing a smartphone or tablet.

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