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4 Fun And Interesting Uses For Your Smartphone Camera

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

things your smartphone camera can do

Smartphones are becoming more advanced every year and the improvements in photography and video quality also continue to get better. Users are turning amateur pictures and video into stunning works of art, but that’s not all smartphone cameras can do. Outside of photography and video, your smartphone camera can be used as a scanner, for video games, and even as a language translator. Check out these four features that your smartphone camera may be capable of doing.

Document scanning

When you think of a scanner, you most likely picture a large, bulky printer with a scanner on top, not your smartphone. These traditional scanners can be big and inconvenient to use, especially with multiple pages. If you don’t own a scanner, you are forced to find one at print shops and those can be expensive to use.

If you are interested in scanning documents with the camera technology that you carry in your pocket everyday, just search your app store. Scanning apps can take hard copies of your documents and send you a digital version by using your smartphone camera. These apps allow you to scan several pages and compile them into the same file, which makes the process even easier. Some of them can even convert your documents into PDFs. Simply open your scanner app and aim your smartphone camera at the document. The app will then scan it and save a digital copy. If you plan to scan a large amount of documents, it is recommended you upload them into an online storage system like the cloud.

Home security

What do you do with your old smartphone once it’s time to upgrade? Some people might sell theirs for a bit of extra cash, but there are other useful options for an old smartphone. Instead of selling your old device or putting it into a drawer and forgetting about it, you can adapt it into a home security camera.

There are several different apps that can turn your old smartphone into a home security camera and they mostly come with the same features. Some of these include live streaming, motion detecting, recording, and time lapse recording. Just install the security camera app on both of your phones, then set up your old phone in a position in your home that you want to monitor. You can use your current smartphone to observe the feed coming from your old device.

Foreign language translator

Language translator apps aren’t exactly new, but they are getting smarter. Google’s translator app is at the top of the market right now because of the impressive amount of languages it can translate. These apps use your smartphone camera to scan written words or numbers and translate them into your preferred language. Open the app and point your camera at the written foreign language steadily. Whether it is a foreign sign, menu, or book, this can be a useful tool when you’re travelling.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a function of some apps that places animated visuals into real life areas using your smartphone camera. Mobile AR was popularized with Pokémon-Go in 2016. The game had millions of people off of the couch and walking around their community, chasing and catching AR creatures. There are many games that use augmented reality now, including sports games and even zombie hunting. Search your app store for “augmented reality” to explore some of your options, including a multitude of games and picture altering apps.

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