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4 Features That Help You Choose Between A Tablet And Laptop

Friday, October 27th, 2017

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Easy to use interfaces, convenient portability, and a wide range of functions are reasons why some tablets have become so popular. There are many ways in which tablets can replace laptops for people with busy lives, but are they better for you? Laptop computers have most of the same attractive features as a tablet. You can determine which device is best for you by comparing their features in detail, including method of text input, battery life, performance, and price.

Method of text input

You will notice that there is an obvious difference between how you enter requests and information into a tablet versus a laptop. A tablet has no keyboard, because it is designed with a touchscreen interface. This kind of input design works well when you are navigating, tapping, and dragging elements on webpages and apps. It is more difficult to enter text into an email program or a document. A virtual keyboard is available on these devices, but most people cannot type as accurately or quickly on the screen of a tablet. Even a keyboard that attaches to the tablet can be difficult for some to use. This is because they are more restrictive in their design than the keyboard of a laptop.

There are Bluetooth keyboards available to purchase and use with a tablet. However, the expense goes up if you have to buy a tablet and accessories to use it like a laptop. If you use a device more for interaction and point and click, then a tablet is probably best for you. If you need to write a lot, then you need a laptop.

Battery life comparison

Hardware components in tablets do not tax their batteries, so their charge should not go down quickly. Most of a tablet’s interior is taken up by the battery. On the other hand, a laptop has components which require more power to operate. Tablets generally give users about ten hours of web use before they need to charge. Average laptops will give you around four to five hours, but manufacturers are working on six and eight hour batteries. If you need a computing device with a longer battery life, a tablet would win this round.

Comparing performance and software

A tablet has a low power processor, so it will be slower at computing than a laptop. Some tasks, like emailing, playing videos and music, and web browsing, require about the same amount of computing on a laptop or a tablet. Multitasking and using higher graphics programs that require more power from your processor are usually better done on a laptop. There are expensive tablets, such as the iPad pro, that match laptops on these tasks. The price of those devices climbs near the price of a laptop.

The tablet environment sometimes trims features that are available on software that is also used on a laptop. If you need the full capabilities of certain software programs, carefully consider if the reduced operation of a tablet will hinder your ability to work. Tablets operate either with an Android or iOS operating system. You have to purchase software to work specifically with each of them. However, there are apps that can help you do almost anything that you want to do on a laptop.

Looking at the cost differences between tablets and a laptops

The three tiers of tablet pricing on the market today are pretty easy to understand. Budget tablets run $100.00 or less, while the middle tier tablets perform most tasks well and run between $200-$400. Primary tablets, which are the most powerful, can be priced anywhere from $500-$1000.

The upper price of the middle tier of tablets, around $400, is where budget laptops begin their pricing. The price range for primary tablets are about the same for mid and upper tier laptops. Something to consider is that performance drops off in the higher price range for a tablet when compared to a laptop.

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